Exterior Work

Think of your garden or outside space as an extra room in your home. If you design your garden, patio or decked area well, you can use the space for most of the year – not just the summer months. Making sure that your deck is outfitted with plenty of lighting and maybe even a few speakers will instantly set a party atmosphere.

When you think of the humble garden shed, it typically conjures up images of a storage building full of garden tools and clutter that won’t fit in the house. Whilst this is absolutely fine, that doesn’t mean your possibilities are limited to such purposes. What is too often forgotten is the potential of sheds to extend your living space, creating fantastic summer houses, games rooms, and general garden retreats.

If your home is without a garage, or you have a second car, consider a carport. A freestanding or attached carport offers less protection than a garage but more ventilation. Extending the home's roof over the driveway and repeating exterior color choices can integrate the carport without sacrificing style.

Take a look over some of our previous work and picture your garden in a new light.....